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Daniela Alicia Jauregui Servin (1985), B.A.

Daniela Alicia Jauregui Servin, B.A.


Životopisné údaje

Scholarship in the artistic workshops initiation on "Watercolor, Pastel and Oil",
"Modeling, sculpture and paper mache" and "black and white photograph". Culture
House. Puebla, Mexico.
Workshop on "Materials and techniques of the art" , “Art and Anatomy”, ENAP, San
Carlos Academy Mexico City.
Workshop "approach to the Visual Arts” National Arts Centre. INBA "La Emeralda"
Mexico City .
Workshop "Painting and study of the human form" "Tlalmanco Cultural Center"
Ciudad de Mexico.
Workshop “Teaching - learning of conservation of cultural heritage "X Biennial of
Visual Arts , ISA (Instituto Superior de Arte) La Havana, Cuba.
Workshop on “Experiences in training young restorers murals in school Gaspar
Melchor de Jovellanos” University of the Arts , La Havana, Cuba.
Panel on art and art education, Teaching of Color in restoring, La Havana, Cuba.
Experiences in training binders of the National Library of Cuba.
Drawing Workshop "Academia de San Alejandro" La Havana, Cuba.
Anatomy and portrait workshop. "Academia de San Alejandro" Havana, Cuba.
Workshop "Techniques of light in watercolor", Cisternino, Italy .
Workshop “ Digital photography”. Taranto, Italy.
Bachelor in the Complutense University, Fine arts Academy of Madrid, Spain.
Drawing competition DIF State "rights of children", Chetumal, Mexico.
Competition “Day of the Dead altars" Playa del Carmen, Mexico
Honourable mention. International Visual Arts competition "love and eroticism"
Amarte Gallery, Riviera Maya, Mexico
Registration of honor in the year 2013-2014, the subject Educational Foundation for the
Artistic Education, UCM, Madrid. Spain.
ERASMUS scolarship in the Fine Arts Academy of Budapest. Hungary
Other works :
Manager in the “children painters workshop”. Culture House , Human Development
Center, English College, Mayaland College, Playa del Carmen Quintana Roo, Mexico
Painting lessons for kids. Human Development Center , El Ejido Town Hall Playa del
Carmen. Mexico
Artistic Director - International Festival of the City of Puebla, company "Snake Land
Productions " , Mexico
Studio Art . English College, Playa del Carmen. Mexico
Visual arts teacher in the basic, middle and high school. Playa del Carmen , Mexico
Mural entitled " Our Roots " workshop of the Ejido Town Hall Human Development
Center, Playa del Carmen , Mexico
Theatre Set Design, Mayaland College replica of Diego Rivera mural " La Piñata"
(1953 ) Playa del Carmen , Mexico
Jury in state art contest " Being different is not bad " Seller World, Playa del Carmen ,
Jury painting competition organized at school " Weston" Playa del Carmen , Mexico
Mural " Prehispanic Food " Mayaland College . Playa del Carmen , Mexico
Collaborating as artisitc group FONCA Scholarship Program in Cultural Coinversiones
in the " Cultural Caravan " project, Maya Indigenous Communities, Quintana Roo,
Stage set for dance "musical notes" company "On Stage" Playa del Carmen , Mexico
Mural painting entitled " Molina de Aragón" Old College Building Molina. Castilla de
la Mancha. Spain
Manager in the " Laboratorio di creazione burattini " Urupia Foundation- Franca Villa
Fontana, Italy
Manager atelier for children in elementary school Komarno . Slovakia
International Symposium of paint. Patince . Slovakia.
Coordinator in Mexico. Proyect " SEGMENT VIII " contemporary Hungarian art,
project led by Dr. Istvan Eross
International Symposium of paint. Karatay Belediyesi University , Konya . Turkia
International Symposium of paint. Zalaegerszeg , Hungary
International Symposium of art. Lazarea Castel . Romania
International Symposium of paint. Dunajska Streda. Slovakia .
International Symposium of art. Dunajska Streda. Slovakia .
International Symposium of paint. Ekel. Hungary .
International Symposium of art. Mezosemere, Hungary.

Účasť na výstavách

“Through the eyes of a child” , Culture House , Playa del Carmen. Mexico .
“Walking to art”, Cultural Centre , Playa del Carmen , Mexico
“3 in 1” , 7th International art Festival of the Puebla City, Forum Imagine Museum and
House of Culture. Puebla, Mexico
“Visual Arts in Xaman -Ha,” Museo Diego Rivera Anahuacalli Mexico City and
Yucatan Culture Institute. Mexico
“The turtle in the Riviera Maya”, Xcaret Riviera Maya Amphitheatre , Mexico .
Painting Symposium "Colors of the Mediterranean " Tourves , Provence. France
Exibition of the project "Through the eyes of a child " Municipal Gallery, Teodoro
Ramos Blanco in the Havana city, Cuba .
International Symposium of paint. Limes Gallery, Komarno . Slovakia
Proyects for the artistic intervention in the San Carlos Hospital. Painting group. Fine
Arts Academy, Complutense. Madrid. Spain
Lazarea Castel, Art Camp . Lazarea , Romania
Photography exhibition “ body , resident”. La trasera Gallery . UCM, Faculty of Fine
Arts, Madrid. Spain
“One day of art” Aurora proyect. Budapest, Hungary
“Spaces of uncertainty” Barcsay Hall, Fine Arts Academy, Budapest. Hungary
“Spaces of uncertainty Unclaimed Baggage" Fine Arts Academy, Krakow, Poland
"Les Nouvelles Métamorphoses" Le orangerie, La Mothe Saint Héray, France
"AIA, Amore International Art" Container Nomad, Itinerant Project, Moaman hospital at Seoul, Inchen, Busan, Yongin city, Korea
"From the heart of México" SEGMENT VIII Project. MAMU Gallery, Budapest. Hungary

Samostatné výstavy

"Entre duendes y hadas " Tlalmanco Gallery. Tepoztlan, Morelos. Culture House,
Puebla City, Playa del Carmen, Mexico
“El cromatismo de las especies" Riviera Maya, Mexico.
"Fragmentos” El Torero, Gallery. House of Spain, Quintana Roo, Mexico
"Poetry to my roots I" Salon Portocarrero, Molina de Aragon, Castilla de la Mancha.
Spain. Fundacion Urupia - Franca Villa Fontana, Italy
"Entre sueños e insomnios", Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico.
“Poetry of my roots II”. The Cube exhibition space, Pozuelo de Alarcón. Madrid.
“Two looks in contemporary Mexican art” , Limes Gallery , Komarno, Slovakia
"Orbitta Loteria", IX Gallery, Budapest.

Publikácie spomínajúce autora

Catalog "From the heart of Mexico"SEGMENT Project
Catalog "Heretic Interpretations" paintings cycle in Mexico. Stanislav Cerny
Catalog "Strawberry people" paintings cycle in Mexico. Stanislav Cerny


acrylic, oil and collage on wood